This is a short group research project by four graduate students at Goldsmiths University in London. It is part of a computer arts course where we are often looking at the societal impacts of technology, algorithms, and computation. This project examines how discussion and debate in the public sphere is curtailed by social media and software companies, and how that open discussion is then re-routed through ever developing alternatives.

This was not an extensive, long term research project but a short bit of teamwork over the course of a few weeks. It mainly involved looking into problems and complaints about current software and social media providers and then researching some of the alternatives that have been developed before creating an artefact, in this case a small information campaign about the subject.

This site collects a little bit of non-personal data about visitors in order to help us understand how many people visited based on the information campaign. That information is not being used for anything else and we are definitely aware that we are asking questions about data collection and then learning about that via data collection itself! If nothing else it shows how ubiquitous this is in our current society.

Extensive research data was not collected as part of this project but we did learn about many great resources. Those who have a need for alternative platforms, communication, and software may find some of the links at the top of the page to be useful. We do not represent or professionally endorse any of these organisations as this was a research project only. They are presented soley as findings to our research.